And then, from out of the darkness… color. Bold, bright, beautiful. Lifting the drab, the grey, the soporific dullness.Transforming the world into glorious technicolour, channelling the spirit of couture, delivering the intensity of life in all its fullness. Get ready to #Enter the Bold.


A couture shine lipstick for those who aren’t shy. Who carry their beliefs and walk on. And for those who give unrelentingly, 100%, always.

Continuing the innovative tradition set by Rouge Pur Couture with its pure color, long lasting finish, and creamy comfort, the new addition to the family pushes color, shine and comfort to the max.

Bolder. Intense color that lasts all night long, yet with a skin-like thin film that sits comfortably on the lips.

Shinier. Delivering a finish that’s in a league of its own – not gloss, not satin, not matte – but pure, uninhibited, three-dimensional shine.


In a departure from the norm, the lipstick case for the new Rouge Pur Couture The Bold is strikingly different, as bold as its nomenclature.

Wrapped round its middle, cinched at the waist, the iconic YSL Cassandre moves horizontally into a belt around the lipstick and takes on a golden hue in contrast to the new look black of the cap.

Lift off the lid, and #Enter the Bold.


Bold pigments deliver shine and color, that never gives up, clutching your lips like a second skin in a texture that feels stretchable with a 10 hours comfort feel, yet looks intense thanks to a new patented lipstick technology. Created by YSL Global Creative Director Tom Pecheux, the shades focus on two distinct couture families: YSL Own Heritage Reds, and Nudes for All


The YSL Own Heritage Reds:

No 1971: Rouge Provocation: With a heritage rich in controversy and scandal, the themes of liberation, disruption, and provocation, have never been far away from the heart of YSL Beauty.

The star shade of the collection, Rouge Provocation, inspired by the haute couture of 1971, is emblematic of this rich heritage.

Drawing on YSL Color Expertise, and building on earthy mineral pigments infused with vivid laque red pigments, the warm shade expresses itself with a deep orange touch. A de-saturated bold red shade, it illuminates warm skin tones. It is YSL’s boldest red yet, striking at the very core of its couture heart.

No 1 Le Rouge: An everyday red that’s far from ordinary, with orange undertones for a contemporary edge.

No 2 Wilful Red: Strong, classic red that looks crisp and efficient.

No 4 Revenged Red: Burnt orange undertones elevate this divine shade, giving it a warmth and depth.

No 21 Rouge Paradoxe: Contradictory, a red that hints at pink that hints at orange; always challenging, never settling.

No 7 Uninhibited Flame: Blushing red to set spirits on fire, with a rosy hue.

No 9 Undeniable Plum: Purple, rich, fleshy and irresistible.

No 6 Reignited Amber: Pretty yet powerful, an amber-toned beige to get things going.

No 8 Fearless Carnelian: Beige-nude with a reddish-white hue that sets it apart.

No 10 Brazen Nude: With a warm underpinning, a nude for the unshy.

No 11 Nude Undisclosed: Pumped up pink is what lends this beige, fleshy-toned shade a modern audacity.

No 12 Nu Incongru: Sophisticated, beige-pink that suits all and works with everything. Perfect balance of warm & cool pigments create a universally flattering shade for all skin tones.


YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Bold owes its smooth texture and moisturizing feel in no small part to the red floral oil and its longwear & comfort with the grape oil, which both come from the Ourika Community Gardens. In the untouched landscape of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, known for its extreme conditions, YSL Beauté created exceptional gardens where botanicals are harvested by a cooperative of women to better understand their potent efficacy, and the female workers have a share in the profits.



In a breathtaking visual by Amy Troost and with makeup created by Tom Pécheux, the new campaign for The Bold features two new 1971 Rouge Provocation & 12 Nu Incongru YSL The Bold shades.

A bell sounds, and Kaia appears rolling towards us, lying down seductively in black chiffon and leather, wearing the couture shine of The Bold in shade 1971, a vibrant burnt red. The pigment explodes dramatically, revealing shortly afterwards a close up of the key caring ingredient, delivering comfort.

In the second campaign, it’s Mawena who appears, standing boldly in a black smoking jacket, with matching trousers. Her black nails provide an edgy contrast to her dusky nude lips, as just as before, the pigment explodes in a burst of color, giving way to a close up of her lips in the couture satin finish of The Bold shade 12.


  1. What inspired you to create this collection?

“This year has been very special in terms of creation, it’s been a year to celebrate make up again, in all its newness. I found myself looking back to the past and imagining that moment of disruption in 1971 when there was a new energy abounding, challenging the norms. That summed it up for me – a sense of busting loose, being free from constraints and being original. So I wanted to create colors that reflected this, especially this beautiful, crazy deep orange which feels somehow defiant and haute couture and 1970s at the same time as being totally of this moment, expressive, liberated, bold. In this new packaging… the lipstick case with this incredible belted middle, it feels so couture and so modern too.


  1. “Bold” has always been a signature of YSL Beauty, but what makes this colour collection bolder than ever before?

“I think there are lots of things that make us bold, that aren’t necessarily about color.  More than ever, I feel that we instinctively need to have that outlet, to be more creative, to be more artistic in many different ways. You can be bold in formulation, which is what they did with this in the labs, pushing the shine element and also the performance of the skincare part of the lipstick. I think the pack is also really daring. And then of course when you add color, the star attraction to the mix? It’s pushing the idea of “bold” right to a new limit”.

  1. Why is it important to celebrate color where we can?

“Life naturally leans us towards light, brightness and colors. Those can be soft or intense. When you start paying attention to colors you realise that they are links to our environment. The greys of a cityscape; the greens of the fields as you sweep through France on the Eurostar… I like the way colors are inseparable from our everyday life.  And continue to inspire us, always.”

  1. Red has always been inextricably linked to YSL and its couture heritage – how did you know which reds to include?

“There is a red for every occasion, and for every emotion, and we shouldn’t be afraid of being led by red wherever it wants to take us. Red is for fire, for anger, for seduction, but it’s also for confidence, for leadership, and of course, always for fashion. The only other requirement for me as a creator, is to make sure there is a red for everyone, and of course we do this by working with undertones, from orange, to pink, to brown, to even reds with a hint of berry. For this collection the special shine finish already elevates our reds, so designing the shades accordingly was a story that told itself”.

  1. What inspired you to create the star shade, Rouge Provocation? What makes it so special to this collection?

“It’s special because it harks back to a time when Mr Saint Laurent shocked the world of couture, bringing to it an element of street. I wanted a shade that had this power behind it, yet was also warm, because of course, to be truly powerful you need a sense of warmth, compassion, even not be afraid to show a little vulnerability. And so we have this contradiction of a bold red, but with an earthy undertone, that together is very illuminating and flattering on the skin.”

  1. Nude lip colours are a part of every woman’s lipstick wardrobe, how did you make this selection both inclusive and yet different?

“It’s funny how close nude is to red in terms of how we think it suits us or it doesn’t. Nude, just like red, can be so different from person to person, it really varies according to your skin tone. For me, the challenge, the way to be truly bold, if you like, was to find the perfect balance of warm and cool pigments and create a nude that is universally flattering for all skin tones. In No12, I like to believe we have achieved this, and with the satin shine finish, it’s amazing how different it looks on each person, yet suits everyone.”

  1. How would you describe the feel of the “skin-like” texture?

“It’s quite an incredible texture – when you apply it, it feels surprisingly “thin” and almost stretchy, and yet the color is so impactful, dramatic, confident.”

  1. Shine is a new texture, relatively speaking… or is it? What are your feelings about this particular lipstick finish, and what do you like about shine?

“I think it’s very YSL, from the satin shine of ribbons to the super-intense shine of PVC or patent leathers, or nail lacquers, there’s something very exciting about shine. In a strong color it can be very dominant, but in a more nude shade it can add a sophistication that elevates it from just being “pretty” – it’s always intriguing and mysterious.”

  1. What is the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

“To say “I CAN’T ANSWER THAT” to this question?!”