When it comes to statement earrings, there’s very little in the way of a rule book. Other, of course, than the very obvious one that it’s mandatory to choose the most #extra pair you can find. By no means an impulsive buy, statement earrings will serve you well long after your first outing with them and indeed they are no longer just a festive fave, but they are one of the few items that truly work equally well both day and night. In fact, they’ll probably end up being your most versatile accessory. They’re also great for those of you who are keen to mix things up but aren’t into huge fashion statements when it comes to your clothing. I usually opt daily for hoops but for a big occasion I love a bitta bling. In recent times ear candy has levelled up, Crystal drop earrings are a great alternative to a statement necklace, so why not update your accessories collection with one of our favourite pairs ? I have just added the Ombre three drop to my Santa list





Sage Cabochon Double Earrings €75,00

Aqua Drop Earrings €59,00

New! Rose quartz Double Earrings €75,00

Ombré Three Drop Earrings €75,00

White Diamond Double Drop Earrings €59,00