Whether you are hoping for some midday hydration or just fixing your waterproof make up with a refreshing make up fixer Clarins have the answer, Cool hydrated skin awaits with our two picks from the new Clarins range.


Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating, multi-protection mist 

Hydrate your skin anywhere. 

A new way to quench thirsty skin 

 Stepping outside,  taking the bus or subway, going to work (usually in an over-heated or air conditioned environment), heading to the gym or enjoying happy hour on  the patio… all of these can dehydrate the skin and cause it to lose its comfort,  freshness and radiance.  To all of this, you can easily add the different kinds of indoor and outdoor  pollution, along with the blue light that radiates from our screens….All of these  can contribute to dehydrated skin.  Since ‘hydration’ is the skin’s most important need, Clarins found an  ngredient that helps stimulate its own ability to produce moisture. Where did Clarins find this ingredient you ask? Why, in nature, of course… 


Knowing how to observe nature and learn her  secrets is something Clarins Research knows  how to do well. Jean-Pierre Nicolas, our globe trotting ethnobotanist, immediately recognised  the huge potential of leaf of life during a trip to  Madagascar.  

What did he discover?  

That this fleshy succulent plant is able to   remain full of water despite the extreme  thermal variations it’s subject to. Wide  differences between day and night  temperatures, intense sunlight or annual  rainfall… no matter what happens, this plant  continues to sport its green, fleshy leaves, full  of a nourishing sap. Inspiring and fascinating, it  is the perfect example of self-hydration! 

Similarities between leaf of life and the skin 

Besides being impacted by thermal shocks, the way both leaf of life and the  skin hold onto moisture is similar: parenchyma, epidermis and cuticle for this  ‘succulent’ plant and dermis, epidermis and hydrolipidic film for the skin.  

Both have similar levels:  

  • A deep level that holds onto water reserves 
  • A middle level of protection that helps prevent moisture loss  •A waterproof surface level whose mission is to help fight dehydration and  ensure a barrier function.  

Similarities that didn’t go unnoticed by Clarins Laboratories… 

Directly from nature to your skin 

An exclusive extract, organic leaf of life allows the skin to regain its capacity  to hold onto water, in many circumstances. It boosts the natural synthesis of  ‘sponge molecules’ which hold onto water in all of the skin’s layers and helps  restore its moisture reserves. A major ally to deeply hydrate, revive radiance  and promote a plump aspect for the skin.  


A wonderful example of self-hydration, inspired by nature, visible on your skin. 

Hydra-Essentiel hydrating, multi-protection mist . One easy step that boosts the skin’s own hydrating ability  So much more than just a simple mist, it is an elixir rich in plant extracts that  actively hydrates and protects your skin from daily aggressions. Morning and  evening, spray this on as a first step in your skin care routine, before applying  your day or night cream to hydrate and prepare your skin. Sprayed on before  applying make-up, it facilitates application and wear.  

And since you can take it anywhere, why not use it everywhere? It’s perfect  for a quick boost of moisture during a flight, before a meeting, any event or  simply to revive radiance and give your skin a refreshing ‘pick me up’. Deeply  hydrated and protected, it is more supple, softer and plumped. Day after day,  it is smoother and looks more beautiful.  

It’s really easy: spray the mist over your face from about 20cm away. Close  your eyes and use circular movements as you apply it. That’s it!

Hydration and protection: two Clarins ingredient  complexes which care for your skin  

Clarins [Multi-Hydrating] Complex  

Since our Laboratories are formulation experts, they came up with an  ingredient complex that unites scientific knowledge with the richness of  plant extracts. Organic leaf of life extract is at the heart of this mist and is  associated with hyaluronic acid (both high and low molecular weight) which  enhances the synthesis of ‘sponge molecules’ in the skin. Finally, organic  houseleek helps limit the effects of evaporation.  

Clarins [Anti-Pollution] Complex  

Pollution linked to modern life can alter the skin’s protective film, fragilizing  it and diminishing its ability to hold onto water. For reinforced protection,  Clarins anti-pollution complex is incorporated into all our day and night  creams as well as our foundation.  

Its mission? Prevent the harmful effects of blue light and pollution which can  impact the skin and cause signs of additional (and premature) signs of ageing  along with a loss of radiance. Extracts of nipplewort, furcellaria and white  horehound extract are part of this complex.  

Calm down!  Organic cornflower extract was included for its soothing action on  uncomfortable skin that is subject to redness. This is an all rounder suitable for all ages. We have a bottle deskside here at HQ. 


Fix’ Make-Up 

A delicate summer mist 

What’s the final touch? A highly refreshing new summer  version of Fix’ Make-up. This hydrating mist promotes a  feeling of irresistible freshness in one easy step while setting  make-up for long-lasting wear. Enriched in organic aloe vera extract that has moisturising and soothing properties,  it takes good care of your skin. Its ‘plus’? A very pleasant  summery fragrance you can’t get enough of based on vanilla  and pear and a new candy pink and frosty blue packaging…  you’re going to love it!  A little something extra for your make up bag.