In her new podcast, the renowned Irish fashion stylist will champion sustainable and slow fashion and the designers and brands creating pieces with a planet-conscious mission while encouraging listeners to dress as their authentic selves and not be a slave to trends. 

Never before has sustainable fashion been so cool, but while it may seem like a current trend, designers, brands and stylists have been striving for years to bring slow fashion to the masses. Stylist Roxanne Parker’s passion for slow fashion has resulted in her only working with sustainable brands, and now she’s taking her mission to the airwaves with a brand new podcast focused on encouraging more of us to choose more planet-friendly, ethical options and helping listeners to know what to look for when buying clothes, and where to find a beautiful, quality, sustainable pieces. 

My Soul Style sees Roxanne discuss her journey to becoming a sustainable stylist and sharing her tips for making effective changes in people’s buying habits. She also meets with ethical brands who delve into the world of sustainable fabrics like bamboo and organic cotton, recycled materials and reusable products. For those wanting to make more sustainable choices, this friendly podcast aims to make that process not only simple but fun. With Roxanne’s compassionate approach, she wants to help listeners find their own “soul style”. 

“Soul style is all about remembering the person you once were before society told you who you should be,” says Roxanne. “The My Soul Style podcast merges rediscovering your style while exploring sustainable ways of doing that through weekly conversations with people making changes to move fashion towards sustainable practices. It’s about coming back to you and that small voice inside that knows who you are, beyond trends, advertising and influencers telling you what you should be wearing. This podcast is about guiding you back to your style in a way that is kind to the planet, animals and people who live here.” 

Whether she’s working on wardrobe for television, commercials, celebrities or fashion editorials, Roxanne is most at home when she is helping people improve their relationship with clothes by guiding them to find their true style through ethical choices. “Clothes are a way of expressing yourself and finding your way back to your essence, and it is a body, mind and spirit journey.” As one of Ireland’s leading fashion stylists, Roxanne’s work has appeared on TV shows like The Voice of Ireland and Ireland’s Got Talent. She has been a long-time supporter of Irish design, renting designs and using made-in-Ireland fashion and craft. She made the move to work with sustainable brands and clothes two years ago, during the first Covid-19 lockdown.  

“It became crucial to me to support Irish fashion and design and shop local during the lockdowns, as with events and social gatherings cancelled, the Irish fashion industry was being severely impacted,” says Roxanne. “Many small sustainable brands had little or no e-commerce presence to compete with ultra-fast fashion giants. With people staying at home, online fashion sales with fast fashion brands were increasing. A mix of a captive at-home audience seduced by free postage, fast delivery times, cheap prices and glossy ad campaigns ignited its growth. Fashion seemed to be speeding up, not slowing down, with statistics showing that we have enough clothes on the planet to keep every human clothed for the next 20 years. The odds were being stacked against small sustainable brands and it hit home how much we need to shift our behaviour around fashion consumption. I decided to stop working with high street clothes and fast fashion brands. The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, and it didn’t sit well with me to continue to support brands that were not reforming their manufacturing process or workers’ conditions.”  

The launch of Roxanne’s new podcast coincides with ITV’s Love Island announcing the show is dropping its fast-fashion sponsor in favour of eBay, so Islanders will now be showing off pre-loved looks in the villa this summer. Roxanne sees the show’s initiative to work with pre-loved fashion as a major move in resetting people’s shopping behaviours: “This is a seismic shift from fast to slow fashion and will have a huge ripple effect across viewers’ buying behaviour and the media’s views on sustainable fashion. It will encourage people to re-wear and repeat looks, buy second-hand clothes, and get inspired by looks rather than buying the same garments seen in the villa. This will promote a much more creative and eco-friendly way of shopping. Hopefully, Love Island’s sustainable message will reach millions of viewers and change their minds about spending with fast fashion brands. With an average viewership of 4.2 million per episode, this could be the summer of pre-loved fashion, a trend that hopefully sticks around long enough to change consumers’ behaviour permanently.” 

My Soul Style is available now on Spotify.  

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