As the weather warms and staycations make their way back, SPF is becoming an essential step in our skincare routine. In fact, dermatologists recommend it regardless of rain or shine, as UV exposure is present year-round, even when it’s overcast outside.


Why? Because harmful UV rays can cause any number of different types of skin damage and are the number one cause of ageing. Going beyond burned or sensitive skin, over-exposure can produce radical oxygen species (ROS) in the skin, which are highly reactive and interactive with a wide range of cellular components. UV rays can degrade or destroy collagen and elastin in the skin, which compromises skin structure and can cause signs of premature ageing. 


Plus, left unprotected, UV radiation can also result in the synthesis of melanin within cells, causing this to ‘clump’ and lead to formation of localised pigmentation – put simply, patches of uneven skin tone, dark and light spots.


Protect your skin with our powerful, multi-tasking SPF skincare product: in transit skin defence – an SPF30 (also available as SPF45) (RRP €38/£30) daily moisturiser enriched with Bio Boost (our unique defensive and protective Superblend of repairing antioxidant plant oils), hydrating Hyaluronic Serum and soothing Vitamin E. Whilst you might be safe from UVB when covered up, UVA rays can transcend glass (i.e. windows), clouds and thinner fabrics meaning that it’s important to apply within your morning skin routine each and every day.


our top tips to safely sun-kissed skin


On days spent outside, SPF should be applied every two hours. A teaspoon sized amount (4ml) is perfect for face application and a shot glass (30ml) is enough for the whole body.


  1. HAT’S ON

Key not only to giving the delicate skin on your face a break from sun exposure, a hat is also great for protecting your scalp, preventing dryness and flakiness.



No matter how much of a sun-lover you are, don’t forget to take breaks from the sun – especially in the hours where it’s at its highest.



Stay hydrated! In both skin and body. Be sure to follow up with after-sun skincare and drink plenty of water throughout the day.


This Works is available from  Minihans Cloud10 Beauty, Arnotts, Brown Thomas, Meaghers, McCabes, McCauleys, Avoca, Carraig Donn and select Pharmacies Nationwide.