When choosing skincare, or any product for that matter, a brand that possesses a deep sense of social responsibility will always stand out. Knowing how the skincare products you’re using have a positive impact on the world, nature, and communities around is truly something beautiful – and it doesn’t hurt when these products can also bring about amazing results, which you can see and feel.

THALGO, with its marine-based beauty philosophy, has always been committed to protecting the oceans. Above and beyond the corporate social responsibility of many brands, their range of ultra-hydrating, anti-aging, and wrinkle-correcting products are now free from controversial ingredients such as phenoxyethanol and silicon. Plus, their product packaging is made from recycled and sustainably-sourced materials.

Launched by THALGO earlier this year, the Spiruline Boost range has been specifically developed to help tackle the impact of city living and urban stress – particularly addressing the effects of pollution and exposure to free radicals and toxins to the skin.


Over recent years, the beauty industry has embraced the business of environmentally  friendly, natural products and amongst consumers. The terms “Natural”, “Organic” and  “Eco-friendly” are no longer buzzwords, having become the “must haves” of the moment amongst consumers. 

As part of this new way of thinking, French spa and beauty brand THALGO has recently  launched a new anti-pollution, radical free, treatment and skincare range, specifically  developed to help tackle the impact of city living and urban stress – particularly addressing  the effects of pollution and and toxins to the skin. 


The results driven, innovative range of Spiruline Boost products and professional detoxifying  treatments, include a complex of active ingredients to relieve skin stress and aid the rejuvenation and  regeneration of skin cells and encourage detoxification. Combining Energising Spirulina with anti stress Marine Magnesium, the new products aim to reduce skin fatigue and prevent signs of ageing. 

With higher levels of hydrolysed proteins and sugars, nutrients that boost the cell and energy  metabolism (ATP), the Energising Spirulina optimises epidermal renewal and structure, reducing the  signs of skin ageing and the impact of urban stress. 

Soothing, tension-relieving Marine Magnesium has a relaxing “botox-like” effect on the skin’s  features, helping to reduce the general signs of fatigue and skin stress.  

The full range of Spiruline Boost creams, gels and oral products from THALGO are now available in  Ireland at select salons and spas nationwide.

Energising Detox Serum €75 – This serum with a fresh and translucent texture is ultra-concentrated in  energising Spirulina and boosted with Marine Magnesium. It intensely revives the skin’s natural  radiance and smooths first wrinkles. Immediately following application, skin is smoother and the  complexion fresher. Day after day, skin can breathe again and the complexion is more radiant, as if  detoxified. The first signs of ageing fade away. 

Anti-Pollution Cream €65 – This gel-cream enriched in energising Spirulina and boosted in Marine  Magnesium, contains an algae complex that forms an invisible protective film on the surface of the  skin. This true “shield” protects the skin from external stress factors and works to prevent fine  polluting particles from settling on the skin. Day after day, the first wrinkles are smoothed, the skin  gains in radiance and resists the stress of daily life better.

Energising Eye Gel €45 – This “ice cube”-effect roll-on erases signs of tiredness, dark circles and  puffiness in a single step for an instantly fresher eye area. Day after day, the first wrinkles and fine lines  are reduced. The radiance of the eye area is revived. 


Energising Boosting Concentrate €40 – A 7 day “booster” treatment with energising Spirulina boosted  with Marine Magnesium, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C, for express skin revitalisation. Immediately  the skin is as if plumped up, features are smoothed. After 7 days, the skin is visibly toned and regains  its energy.


Energising Detox Shot €35 (7 days) – a 100% natural active ingredient innovation intended for people  who are tired, subjected to a polluted urban environment, and who would like their body and skin to  be able to regain vitality fast. A combination of spirulina, marine magnesium and natural vitamin C  from acerola, which work together to reduce fatigue and promote detoxification. Mint-lemon flavour.