The world-leading menstrual cup brand, DivaCup, has arrived on the Irish market, providing a comfortable, convenient and eco-friendly alternative for period protection.

The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped cup made from 100% medical-grade silicone that is worn internally to collect menstrual flow rather than absorbing it.

Retailing from €33.95 in pharmacies and on, the menstrual cup pays for itself within a few months, and can be used for over a year, with proper care and cleaning.

A challenge to the environmental issue of disposable pads and tampons, and the huge waste of cotton, chemicals, plastic and packaging, the DivaCup is reused on average for at least one year and can last several years.

‘Place it and forget it’ is the brand’s reassuring advice, with the DivaCup promising a wear time of up to 12 hours, depending on flow.  Even the smallest 0 size DivaCup has the capacity to hold four times the menstrual flow the most absorbent tampon can.

Worn low in the vaginal canal, the menstrual cup is a safe and comfortable alternative to disposables and avoids risk of odour and staining, as well as the fear of toxic-shock-syndrome associated with tampons.

The convenience of not having to change protection as regularly, especially at night or when travelling, and the freedom to exercise energetically and with confidence, from swimming to yoga, are among the user benefits of menstrual cups.

There are three sizes of DivaCup, depending on period flow.  The 0 model is generally for teens and younger women, while the size 1 is suited to medium menstrual flow, and a model 2 is recommended for women over 30 or with a heavier flow.  The variation in diameter is from 40mm to 45mm, and the soft light silicone means the wearer is totally comfortable.

A DivaCup is not worn high near the cervix, like a tampon.   It is inserted horizontally, toward the tailbone and will rotate easily to show it is positioned properly and is fully open.

Each pack comes with a cotton storage bag and an instruction guide, and there are simple helpful video instructions online at

The cup should be stored in its cotton fabric draw-stringed bag, away from anything strongly perfumed, but not in a plastic bag or airtight container, as it needs air flow.

It is boiled before first use and thereafter can be washed in warm water with any mild soap that is oil and perfume-free.  There is a Diva washing soap, sold separately, if needed.

A natural plant-based cleanser, DivaWash comes in a handy tube and is animal-friendly and cruelty-free, protecting the silicone of the cup as well as the pH balance of the vagina.  Containers for washing and storage of a DivaCup while on the move are also sold.

DivaCups are now available in pharmacies across Ireland, including Allcare Group and Life Pharmacy group and online at  The RRP is €33.95.

Advocates for menstrual equity, the Diva organisation also empowers by providing menstrual health education and resources to reduce stigma and helps tackle period poverty through a donations programme.  The brand distributors in Ireland, Kare Cosmetics, will work with the Peter McVerry Trust to help alleviate period poverty in Ireland.



Light and comfortable, a DivaCup takes seconds to insert and works for up to twelve hours. Suited to all ages, shapes and sizes, the handy soft cup is ideal for a busy day, traveling or working-out.

Eco Sense

Retailing from €33.95, the menstrual cup pays for itself within months as it is used, on average, for over a year.  Silicone comes from sand and is easily degradable. One DivaCup replaces 240 disposable pads, tampons and panty liners the user might otherwise need each year, on average.

Currently around 12 billion pads and tampons are used and disposed of annually in the world.

Exercise Wise

The DivaCup is the best option for women who exercise or enjoy sports!  There are no worries about tampon strings when swimming, or if a tampon or pad can handle the various body movements during exercise or a yoga pose. As the DivaCup seals in place, when properly fitted it should not leak or slide down, like a tampon, during an exercise routine.