With our lives proving to be jam packed nowadays, from looking after children to longer work hours and our social lives returning post covid, it can often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. We all need to recharge our minds and boost our energies occasionally to ensure that we can be our best selves.

Therefore, relaxing and taking time for us is so important. It gives us the chance to unwind and focus on nothing but pure relaxation. Yon-Ka Paris wants to remind you to slow down and be more present in the middle of all the chaos and share their top tips on how to relax in the middle of it all.

There are strong beliefs that meditation can affect physical as well as emotional maladies. If you’ve never meditated before, begin slowly some deep breathing and the power of positive thinking. Other ways to relax include Yoga which is as good for your mind as it is your body. Taking a nap is also a popular choice and let’s face it, sometimes we just need to turn off the day for a while. At Yon-Ka Paris, they believe the best way to relax is to take 20 minutes to treat your skin and body with their most loved products that we’ve outlined below;


Eau Micellaire / Cleansing Water (RRP €31.00)

This micellar water combines expert make-up removing agents and anti-aging prevention elements. In a single wipe, it gently captures impurities and removes make-up perfectly from the face, eyes and lips. No rinsing is required and suitable for sensitive skin and eyes.



Hydra No. 1 Masque/Hydration Mask (RRP €49.00)

This gel-cream mask with delicate floral aromas provides immediate, time-released, deep hydration. It helps the skin to combat free radicals, aging and irritating agents. Yon-Ka Masque NO1 is is suitable for sensitive or easily irritated skin, whether dry or oily. Intensely replenished, the skin immediately appears smoother, softer, and fuller.


Nutri Contour/ Nourishing Eye Cream (RRP €40.00)

The “2 in 1” for nourishing and repairing eyes and lips. A cocoon of softness with hazelnut oil, this vitamin-rich comforting cream nourishes the eyes and lips contour, preventing dryness and the appearance of wrinkles.





Huile Delicieuse – Relax Body Oil (RRP €39.00)

An exotic ritual of beauty and relaxation. This light oil quickly penetrates the skin. It is a delicate combination of sunflower, sesame, and baobab oils. It subtly nourishes and enhances the skin and hair. With a bounty of beauty and sensory appeal.


Gommage Sucre – Relax Scrub (RRP €36.00)

A sweet solution for touchable skin. Warning: immediate addictive effect may occur! This scrub with white and brown sugar enhanced with sunflower oil gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin. It melts onto the skin and changes into a milk upon contact with water. A luscious and invigorating experience. Exactly what we need to relax after a long week!