The Sculpt Collection – An Array Of  Blush, Bronze and Highlighting Products Designed To  Chisel The Skin To Perfection 


The long-revered concept of contouring the skin with just deep, hued bronzers has been put to the side to  make way for a new technique in the battle for naturally chiseled features, with the help of what is sure to  become the newest mainstay in your collection – the KASH Beauty Sculp Collection. KASH Beauty founder,  and beauty aficionado, Keilidh Cashell, has used her industry expertise to create a collection that includes  

Bronzing, Blush and Highlighting products, which are ultra-creamy and easily blendable, designed to sculpt  the skin as a whole.  

The concept of glowing, healthy-looking skin is always en vogue, and that is the basis behind the latest  launch from KASH Beauty. Shaping your face is a combination of a variety of complexion products – where  you place your blusher, bronzer and highlight all work together in unison with the end goal of pure sculpted  bliss. The KASH Beauty Sculpt Collection is here to achieve just that – featuring an array of buttery cream  sculpting sticks that impart a natural, glowing sheen onto the skin. Worn by themselves for a fresh finish, or  over foundation for a stronger, more sculpted result, there is a myriad of ways to embrace these new  beauty staples. The Sculpt Collection is also suitable to use all over the body, imparting a sun-kissed,  peachy hue or iridescent glow to the face, décolletage, arms and even legs with an array of shades  available that are suitable on all skin tones.  

Apply the highlighting and blush product to the parts of the face and body that naturally attract the light  and bronze the skin in the areas that you want to carve a deeper depth. The softest hint of illumination you  will achieve from the new KASH Beauty Sculpt Collection will leave you looking like you were simply blessed  with enviable lit from within skin.  




The 9 Piece Luxury Sculpt Collection includes 3 Blush, 3 Bronze and 3 Highlight shades to suit a variety of  skin tones; 

Blush Shades: 

Poppin Peach – a warm peach with a subtle hint of gold flecks to give a healthy glow.

Love Language – a bright red-pink that adds a gorgeous pop of colour to the skin.

Burnt Cherry – a deep, cherry shade that adds warmth and colour to the face.  


Shady Beach – adds a light bronze to the face on lighter skin tones  

Island Vibes – creates a sunkissed look on medium skin tones  

Coco Kiss – adds warmth to deeper skin tones 

Highlight : 

Angel Energy – A bright, champagne highlighter that adds an intense glow to the skin.

Golden Hour – A warm, gold shade that adds warmth and glow to the face and body of medium skin tones 

It’s The Glow For Me– a deep, golden shade that adds warmth and shine to deeper skin tones.

For the best results, simply apply the KASH Beauty Sculpt Collection to either freshly moisturised skin or on  top of foundation directly from the bullet and blend out with the KASH Beauty Sculpting Sponge (RRP  €7.95), the rounded edge is designed for a perfectly seamless blend while the flat edge is perfect for those  harder to reach areas and for precise application. The KASH Beauty Sculpting Sponge is also suitable to use  with powder products for a baking effect. Alternatively use either the K01 or K05 Face Brushes from the  KASH Beauty Luxury Brush Collection (RRP €79.95) to lightly buff the product into the skin. Pro Tip: if you feel  you’ve applied too much product, simply use a foundation brush or sponge to diffuse the colour.  

Speaking about the launch of the new Sculpt Collection, KASH Beauty founder Keilidh Cashell said,


“When  I was brainstorming the Sculpt Collection I envisioned products that would help to chisel and define the  face. I was inspired by sculptures, and that brought forward the idea of making the sculptures come to life,  as if the makeup was giving the sculpture/skin life.” 


The KASH Beauty Sculpt Collection retails for €18.95 each, or Trio Set are available for €54.95 and is available from