Our voice is alive, it’s our statement of individuality. Imagined as an invitation to the world to share difference, Voce Viva celebrates the power of voice to inspire.

A year on, that message is amplified. For each of us to find our calling, our passion and to live our true dreams. Born in belief in ourselves, in the power of imagining a better world to inspire others and to help each one to find its own way, Valentino imagines a voice with new resonance: optimism, confidence and determination: Voce Viva Intensa

An icon for millions the world over, Lady Gaga is the voice of a generation, and a movement. Having found her calling, she lives her full creative power, moving hearts with her words, turning her unique energy to defend respect for individuality and continuing to amplify the voices of those without.

Through her words and her activism, Lady Gaga invites all to find their own calling, to complete their dreams, their passions, to ultimately fulfil themselves.

The Fragrance

To interpret Voce Viva with new resonance, Valentino Beauty called on perfumers Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie. Faithful to the house’s three accords, Color, Cool, Couture, Voce Viva Intensa is composed to amplify the original scent with a new echo of confidence, charisma and determination.

Head Color Note

Luminous, fresh citrus take-off enlivened by pear accord. Harvested in Italy’s south, Calabria, a radiant, sparkling lift of Bergamot essence with gently tangy Italian Mandarin essence, awaken the senses. A green, textured Pear accord gives crunch to these citrus notes. A colorful, energised opening to reveal the wearer’s charisma and optimism.

Heart Couture Note

Iconic bouquet of white flowers reveals new intensity: Jasmine Sambac. Symbol of radiant, solar femininity, Orange Blossom absolute is explored to its extremes. Majestic and more generous, Orange Blossom radiates and liberates its opulent, rich, sensual sides. Jasmine Sambac supports this powerful femininity with its suave and carnal facet. By its side, golden Gardenia accord illuminates this resplendent bouquet of white flowers with fruity and spicy notes. A celebration of femininity to amplify the wearer’s sensuality and confidence.

Base Cool Note

Unexpected crystal moss accord, strengthened with Texan Cedarwood Given lightness from the earthier, weightier notes of natural moss, Crystal Moss accord continues to surprise in the modernity of its mineral, woody elements. A dry and warm Texan Atlas Cedarwood amplifies this crystal overdose tenfold, making it even more addictive. Soft and unctuous Madagascar Vanilla absolute warms the trail with a mellow and carnal note. A warm and powerful trail to intensify the wearer’s strength and determination.

The Bottle

Reimagining the house’s Color, Cool, Couture codes, the Voce Viva Intensa bottle is faceted with the house’s emblematic Rockstud. Tracing a V of light inspired by the silhouette of a Valentino Haute Couture dress, the bottle captures the softly exquisite shades of a roman sky.

For Voce Viva Intensa, Pierpaolo Piccioli offers a new interpretation of the fashion house’s symbolic red to dress both the cap and case. Infused with a touch of burgundy, this red is even more intense, even more vibrant, even more sensual.