A true incarnation of a new wave of femininity, powerful, talented, spiritual and connected to the world around her, Willow Smith is a modern muse. The ultimate figurehead of Mugler newest fragrance: Alien Goddess. A singer with neo-soul vibrations, actor, writer, producer… at just twenty years old, Willow Smith is a global cultural phenomenon.

An inspiring artist and charismatic fashion icon, she also leverages her powerful influence and unique energy for the benefit of causes as diverse as her achievements, such as access to education for young girls, and the social integration of disadvantaged populations through the arts, all of which she infuses with her deep commitment to inclusion, altruism and freedom of self-expression. Her innate style, piercing gaze and magnetic presence make her an inspiring and intensely aspirational symbol for a young generation. Willow Smith is the embodiment of augmented femininity, a challenge to societal standards and gender norms, and undoubtedly the earthly incarnation of the next Mugler fragrance.

« I am extremely proud to be the face of the new Mugler fragrance. To me, Alien Goddess is a manifesto. It urges us to be wholly ourselves, to brandish what makes us unique with pride. Beyond that, this new dazzling creation gives us the strength to find the best within ourselves, whoever we are, in order to accomplish extraordinary things with a positive impact on the world and those around us. It’s a powerful message of kindness, hope and joy. »

Willow Smith

« What has impressed us when meeting Willow is her openness, determination, confidence and her desire to move the world. She is definitely a role model for the young generation and the perfect embodiment of what is Mugler today. »

Sandrine Groslier, Global Brand President of Mugler Fashion and Fragrance